How it Works & FAQs

How Prestige Accident Hire works

go arrow 1) You have been involved in a non-fault car accident.
go arrow 2) Call Prestige Accident Hire with details of the accident including how it happened, 3rd parties details, such as their registration number, insurance details and your details. Do not go through your own insurance as they will offer you a much lower class car, request your excess and this will effect your no claims.
go arrow 3) Our trained advisers will assess the details and establish liability within minutes, you will be emailed our simple contract, this CLEARLY STATES THAT OUR SERVICE IS 100% FREE TO YOU.
go arrow 4) A replacement like for like car or better will be allocated and delivery arranged.
go arrow 5) Arrangements for the repair of your car will be made
go arrow 6) Our legal partners will discuss any personal injury or loss of earnings that you may be entitled to.
go arrow 7) Your repaired car is returned to you, or in the event of a total write off payment for a replacement car will be made.
go arrow 8) We will collect the hire car from you.
go arrow 9) Prestige Car Accident Hire will then invoice the 3rd party insurers for all expenses. You have no liability for any costs that we have incurred.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays for the services offered?

The cost of the replacement vehicle, any repairs and legal costs are the responsibly of the at fault 3rd party insurers.


What cars do you cover for and are there any restrictions?

As we only supply prestige and sports cars your vehicle must have been valued at over £40,000 on first registration. You must also be over 25 years of age and have held a full driving licence for at least 5 years with a maximum of 6 points. If you do not meet these requirements you will be required to self insure.


How do I prove the accident was not my fault?

Our trained advisors will run through your claim over the phone and assess whether there is an identifiable third party claim, if so we will accept your claim and take responsibility for all future costs.


What if the accident was my fault?

Unfortunately we can not assist you in these circumstances.


What information do you need from me?

We need to know the registration number of the third party along with the vehicle make and model and their insurance company details. Details of any witnesses and of course your own details too. If you have any photographs of the location and damage to the vehicle these are really helpful. 


Can you arrange for the repairs to be carried out to my vehicle? 

Yes, Prestige Accident Hire will collect you car and have it repaired by one of our authorised and regulated garages. We will even return it to an address of your choice. You will not be responsible for the repair costs. 


What if my car appears to be a write off or undriveable?

If this is the case Prestige Accident Hire will arrange for a replacement car to be delivered. If it is classed as a write off, hire of our replacement car will continue until you receive payment from the 3rd party insurers, or in the event of repair until your car is returned.


What if i need to claim for injury or loss of earnings?

Prestige Accident Hire will appoint our legal partners to pursue this for you.

Supercar Accident Hire

Non fault accident courtesy car hire. Like for like prestige or sports car delivered to any UK address with a guarantee of NO COST to yourself.

If you are looking for a replacement car after an accident, then contact us:

020 7241 6854


Our team of specialists in crash rental cars will claim all costs from the third party and get you up and running with the ideal replacement prestige or sports car.

If you call your insurance company...

and possible loss of no claims bonus and excess payable.

If you call Prestige Accident Hire...

No expense at all, NO loss of no claims